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What Protection Is Provided

With a insurance backed guarantee/deposit indemnity protection, if the company ceases to trade through liquidation, bankruptcy death or state retirement of the principals you simply contact our claims department and any problems/repayments that are covered under either of the guarantees will be addressed with the minimum amount of fuss.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

In the event of the member company ceasing to trade as mentioned above, the insurers guarantee the cost of repairs or replacements of defective parts up to the full contract value of the installation. The guarantee which is available for up to 10 years and mirrors the same cover as that provided by the installing company is underwritten by leading insurers and meets all of the Financial Service Authority (FSA) requirements. All or any repairs will normally be undertaken by our own service engineers, or another member company appointed by the administrator/insurers.

Only IPWFI Ltd members can have their customers provided with our wide range of unique insurance backed guarantees/deposit indemnity protection which is designed to meet both the FSA and FENSA requirements as well as provide the consumer with complete peace of mind.

Deposit Indemnity Protection

In the event of the member ceasing to trade as mentioned above, within the cover period stipulated and prior to any work commencing the insurers will guarantee either to refund the deposit paid or have another member complete the work and all that the consumer has to pay is the balance of the contract value.